Iberville Parish drug roundup nets 17 arrests

IBERVILLE PARISH, LA (WAFB) - Iberville Parish sheriff's deputies, Plaquemine police officers and DEA agents started early Wednesday morning for a drug roundup with warrants for 33 people and a total of 55 charges.

In total, the law enforcement investigators arrested 17 people, some of those included people who were not on the initial roundup list. There are still 16 active warrants for the others who were not arrested.

"We spoke to their families and they know that they need to turn themselves in and if not, we will get them," said Iberville Parish Sheriff Brett Stassi. "Wheels of justice turn slow, but they're always turning."

Stassi said those who were arrested Wednesday are not the everyday user.

"These people that we arrested today are selling the drugs. We actually had undercover agents purchase drugs from these individuals," Stassi added.

The roundup included the LEAD Task Force, which is made up of Iberville Parish sheriff's deputies and Plaquemine police officers to combat drugs in the city and parish.

Plaquemine Police Chief Kenny Payne said these roundups help keep other crime to a minimum.

"The drug trafficking effects about 90 percent of the crime in the city," Payne said. "The ones who buy dope, they steal to get the money to buy the dope. The ones who sell it, sometimes they take the stolen goods and pawn it off to speak."

Along with the 17 arrested, officials reported picking up a large bag of marijuana, hundreds of dollars and a smaller bag of marijuana.

Stassi said because the prices for prescription pills is climbing, they're now starting to see more marijuana and heroine in the parish.

"Mostly weed, marijuana, and very little heroine, but it's coming and if we don't continue to do the things we do, it's just going to grow, so we're combating it every day," Payne explained.

Officials are actively looking for the remaining 16 and their message is to turn yourself in or they're coming for you.

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