Ascension Parish grand jury indicts contractor, Matthew Morris, on 84 counts of fraud, other charges

Matthew Morris (Source: Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office)
Matthew Morris (Source: Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office)

GONZALES, LA (WAFB) - An Ascension Parish grand jury has indicted contractor, Matthew Morris, on 84 counts of fraud and other charges involving 18 victims.

Neither Morris or his attorney were present at deliberations Monday.

Officials say Morris is indicted with the following charges:

  • Residential contractor fraud (17 counts)
  • Misapplication of payments (14 counts)
  • Theft of assets of the aged (9 counts)
  • Falsifying public records (11 counts)
  • Engaging and contracting without a license (16 counts)
  • Insurance fraud (17 counts)

Morris, 39, the owner of Complete Construction Contractors, LLC, is accused of taking advantage of flood victims. The Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office reported the infamous contractor was re-arrested Monday in connection with damage repairs for the August 2016 flood.

Sheriff Jeff Wiley said the new charges are the result of additional complaints from alleged victims.

The contractor had absolutely nothing to say about the mounting charges against him as he was once again hauled off to prison Monday afternoon.

"They include residential contractor fraud, theft of assets from an aged person and two counts of prohibitive activities and sanctions," Wiley said.

These are just a few of the charges Wiley said have now been tied to the contractor, but he said the most heinous crime came after Morris first bonded out of jail last month and allegedly borrowed money from a bank using what he alleges people owed him as collateral.

"So now, this bank is sending letters to all of these victims once again saying, 'You don't owe him anymore. You owe us,'" Wiley added.

It was this crime that caused a judge to revoke the contractor's initial bond Monday, meaning this time he will stay behind bars. Wiley said that is where the accused contractor belongs.

"Mr. Morris is a multi-parish nightmare of a crook and a creep who can't stand a day going by without him once again trying to ruin somebody's life at their most vulnerable time," Wiley said.

As for those victims, Wiley said local, state and federal agencies are now involved in the case and hope they can somehow recover some of the money Morris is accused of taking.

"We will do everything we can to see that our victims are compensated at least to some level," Wiley added.

Morris also faces charges in East Baton Rouge and Livingston Parishes.


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Morris was initially arrested on February 8.

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