Homeowners start process of getting more flood aid

Homeowners start process of getting more flood aid

(WAFB) - Flooded homeowners took the first step toward getting their portion of the $1.6 billion that was allocated by the federal government to the State of the Louisiana for recovery efforts.

Homeowners are asked to fill out a short, 15-minute survey about where they live and how much damage their homes sustained. State officials will use this data to determine which homeowners need the money the most.

Kay Lesage's home in Central was severely damaged, and she had no flood insurance. There's still a lot of repair work left to be done.

"We have walls in a few of the rooms, but we still don't have flooring and walls in a significant number," Lesage said. "We have a lot of work to do, and of course, FEMA helped with what we're trying to do, but it's definitely not gonna' be enough to finish it, where it's comparable to what it previously was."

"I really hope that at some point down the line, there'll be some extra money for unmet needs like mine that can be distributed to folks like myself that will help complete the house," said Tina Haulk, who still has to fix the walls, floors, and kitchen in her Baton Rouge home.

Some homeowners can expect to get their applications for aid as soon as May. Everyone that wants more flood aid must fill out the survey. They can do so by going to restore.la.gov, or by calling 866-735-2001.

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