Veal Sorrentino from The Little Village

Source: The Little Village - Downtown Baton Rouge


4oz. veal cutlet (cut in 1/3s)

2oz. mozzarella cheese

2tbl. Romano cheese

3 thinly sliced eggplant medallions

8oz. marinara

3oz. cream sherry

1oz butter

Salt and pepper (taste)


Salt and pepper the veal. Dredge in flour. Saute veal in butter. Brown one side, flip it and add sherry. Burn alcohol off and add the marinara.

Salt and pepper the eggplant. Dredge in flour, egg wash, and breadcrumb. Fry until golden brown.

Put the eggplant on a plate and top with veal and sauce. Finish with Romano and mozzarella. Cook in oven for about 5 minutes or until all the cheese is melted and serve.