Robots clash at Bengal Bot Brawl on LSU's campus

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Dozens of students came out to cheer for an LSU competition Tuesday afternoon, but it wasn't a typical sporting event.

The first ever "Bengal Bot Brawl" was held at Patrick Taylor Hall.

Four teams made up of engineering students competed.

Professors say this is a great way to teach students about science and teamwork.

"Not only on the fundamentals and their application, but also on real issues, because this is teamwork," said LSU professor Dimitris Nikitopoulos. "Yes it's a combat situation, but it also promotes comradery, even between opposing teams."

Students have been working on their bots since the fall semester.

"A lot of the time we work with our fellow classmates, helping out with homework and studying for tests, but now we can actually compete against each other with a project we've been working on for months," said Mohammad Qudsi, a senior at LSU.

Lea-Ann Randol, LSU Freshman, "The coolest thing about design in general is seeing something that you thought of come to life," said LSU freshman Lea-Ann Randol. "And to me that's like extremely awesome."

The rules are simple: students controlling the robot try to knock their opponent's robot off the stage.

Each match is best two out of three.

Students cannot use fire or hazardous liquids to attack the opponent.

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