Livingston Parish: Homes flooded in August flood again

WATSON, LA (WAFB) - Unfortunately, on Monday, April 3, some homes in Watson that flooded back in August, have flooded once again.

"Every time it rains to any extent, we're paranoid big time," said Ricky Rowe.

Rowe lives on Olivia Dr. in Watson, having lived in the same house for the past 20 years. But in the past eight months, his home has flooded twice. He says he is paranoid because he just moved back into his home about a month ago after it flooded in August.

Ironically, outside of his home, crews were cutting granite on Monday, but inside his home, Rowe and his wife had been up since early in the morning.

"It did miss us till about 2:30, 3 o'clock this morning and it started raining pretty heavily," said Rowe. "By 4 o'clock this morning, it started seeping in the house again."

Even with sandbags, a line of debris on the outside of the home marked how high the water rose. Inside, the stairs are still under construction, with the steps being used to hold all the things they still need to fix. Fortunately, it stopped raining, which is what Rowe said kept the water from getting further into his home. He bought a vacuum early in the morning to get the water out and a dehumidifier is going in a bedroom.

"It's very traumatizing to know you might go through the same experience again as we did in August. It was very devastating in August and we just, everybody that has flooded knows what I'm talking about and we just pray that will never happen again, but we know there's always the likelihood that it could," said Rowe.

Mark Harrell with the Office of Emergency Preparedness in Livingston Parish says there were about 30 roads shut down Monday morning due to high water. That's why schools were shut down and trees were down on roadways. All of those have been cleared and schools reopen Tuesday.

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