Chiropractor faces prison time for tax fraud

Chiropractor faces prison time for tax fraud

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A Baton Rouge chiropractor has pleaded guilty to tax fraud, according to Acting United States Attorney Corey Amundson.

Steven Angle, 61, pled guilty to three counts of filing false tax returns, and one count of endeavoring to interfere with the due administration of the Internal Revenue laws.

Angle faces a potential prison term as well as restitution order.

Angle owned and operated Chiropractic Nutrition Clinic in Baton Rouge for approximately 20 years. He provided services to clients and paid primarily by health insurance companies and law firms. Angle filed false federal income tax returns from 2005-2009 and from 2001-2013.

For instance, Angle reported $26 dollars in total income for the 2011 tax year and $0 dollars in total income for the 2012 tax year. For the 2013 tax year, he reported $0 dollars in total income when he had actually earned at least $108,000 dollars.

In all of the false tax returns he filed, he represented that he owed no taxes when, in fact, he had earned substantial income from his chiropractic services.

Filed with his false tax returns were also forms which had been altered by Angle to reflect that he had earned $0 dollars from the insurance companies and law firms when, in fact, he had earned significant income from them.

"Those who defraud the tax system not only defraud the federal government, but also leave millions of honest taxpayers holding the bag," Acting U.S. Attorney Amundson said. "Such fraudsters sometimes claim to be 'sticking it' to the federal government. In fact, they are really 'sticking it' to their honest neighbors and friends who pay their taxes."

"Today's guilty plea represents a victory for the taxpaying citizens of this country," said IRS Criminal Investigation Special Agent-in-Charge Jerome McDuffie. "Stephen Angle challenged the constitutionality of our nation's tax laws, and was not successful in his attempts to impede the government, specifically the IRS."

McDuffie went on to say that IRS-CI Special Agents are always working very diligently to protect the taxpayers' tax dollars, as well as to collect from individuals who evade payments of their fair share.

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