Central residents shocked by high water levels after overnight storm

CENTRAL, LA (WAFB) - Homeowners on Libra Avenue in Central know the sight of water in their front yard all too well.

Residents like Dillon Tranchina couldn't believe that his home almost took on water again.

He said it was just inches from his doorstep, still much lower than the levels he took on during the August flood.

"This house has been in our family for 31 years, and it's never had water come close to getting in it," Tranchina said. "And now it's all of a sudden getting water in it."

His father Jimmy, who lives next door, says this area tends to hold a lot of water.

"It can't drain underneath the road right here, it's so small," Jimmy Tranchina said. "And it's not draining on the other side of the neighborhood. And it's just backing up and flooding them people, too."

Kristina Mixon, who lives down the street from the Tranchinas, says they were prepared for the severe weather, but didn't expect to have this much water.

"My husband walked out of the front door to get ready for work, and he asked me to bring him socks," Mixon said. "He had water in his shoes, he wasn't expecting it."

Homeowners say they will wait for water levels to go down before deciding what type of maintenance work they need to do.

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