Dozens of families temporarily stuck at home after road in MS washes out

Dozens of families temporarily stuck at home after road in MS washes out

WOODVILLE, MS (WAFB) - Deep in Woodville, Mississippi is Donegal Rd., a long, winding country road that often switches from rock to pavement. "I advise no one to bring a vehicle down here, no one," said longtime Donegal Rd. resident, Michael Johnson.

Just before midnight Wednesday, Wilkinson County Emergency Management director, Thomas Tolliver, said their small town and country road received a pounding of rain, at least 6 inches.

Barry Bellue, who also lives on Donegal Rd., said portions have been washing out "for the better part of several months." It's that same road that farmer Bellue lives on that was finally swept away by intense rain.

Locals said about 20 families were stuck at home Thursday because unfortunately, they only have one way in and one way out. "Kids couldn't go to school, I couldn't get to the doctor. It was rough all the way around," said Johnson.

Jasmine Price was heading to work around 4 a.m. Wednesday morning when she stumbled on the nearly 30-foot d rop. "Hit my brakes just in time 'cause my car kind of like slid," explains Price.

Price recounts that morning, stating the thick, low fog prevented her from seeing the non-existent surface and she was barely able to pump the brakes. "I just prayed to God that I didn't go an inch forward because if it woulda' went forward, I would have been off in the hole," she said.

County officials said the road has been temporarily patched. Wood pallets and dirt have been brought in to fill the hole up to street level, but some neighbors are worried it won't hold. "Temporary, such that if we get another big rain, this temporary crossing will not be here," said Bellue.

Johnson adds that the handful of residents living on the small road need more than one way out. "We just need some help down here, all I can say. We need major help."

There's no plan announced yet for a permanent fix.

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