YOUR TURN: Death Row Lawsuit

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - This week's Your Turn segment goes to Wanda Richard.

Richard is one of dozens of people who reacted on our Facebook page to the story this week about a lawsuit filed by Louisiana death row inmates. The inmates are alleging that their constitutional rights are being violated because they are kept in isolation more than 23 hours a day.

Richard is not sympathetic. In her words:

I don't understand the fact that death row inmates have any rights. When in prison, you are there as a punishment. When I got punished as a child I had no TV, no phone or anything but books to keep me company. This country has turned into a bunch of wimps. Why are we so afraid to offend prisoners, least of all those on death row? This is just ridiculous. They are already getting three meals a day and a bed to sleep in which is more than some homeless vets get.

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