Kids get chance to show off foodie knowledge at new Yelp event

Kids get chance to show off foodie knowledge at new Yelp event

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Most kids are picky when it comes to what they eat, but some are just as interested in new foods as adults.

A new event hosted by the popular app Yelp is focused on giving kids with an "eclectic palate" a venue for trying new things.

"This will be a great way to bring children together of different ages and cultural backgrounds to establish a sense of community and learn from each other," says Rebecca T. Whyte, Baton Rouge Community Manager for Yelp. "

Most do not realize that Yelp, developed in 2004, doesn't just live in the virtual world. Rather, it but has a physical presence as well. In fact, Whyte has spent the last several years hosting events at local businesses throughout the city.

"The Yelp community is made up of engaged locals who connect online and off to share their opinions about local businesses," states Whyte.

Until now, those opinions have been expressed by adults.

"Children selected to participate get to dine for free (must be accompanied by parent/legal guardian), share their thoughts with the group and write them down to present as feedback to the business," states Whyte.

The inaugural event will be held on Friday, March 31 at Rico Louisiana Latin, a new local restaurant located at 10655 Coursey Blvd. It is currently full.

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