Heroic pilot gets treated to lunch by Central mayor

Heroic pilot gets treated to lunch by Central mayor

CENTRAL, LA (WAFB) - After engine failure caused a man to make an emergency landing, Central Mayor Junior Shelton found a way to welcome the new, unexpected guests to his city.

Earl Douglas, and his wife, Virginia, made an unexpected pit stop in Central on Wednesday, March 28, after experiencing engine trouble while flying from Austin, TX to St. Augustine, FL.

David Ratcliff, program director at the Institute for Building Technology and Safety in Central, witnessed the event from the down the street while inspecting a drainage ditch. Ratcliff arrived on the scene with emergency responders.

Shelton and Ratcliff took the Douglases to lunch while they waited on family to arrive from New Orleans.

"We are thankful that our new friends from St. Augustine were able to find a safe landing spot in Central. It was a joy to meet them and share our hospitality," said Shelton. "It appears as though Central has their own Captain Sully."

The Douglases were the only two passengers aboard the plane and were unharmed during the tumultuous descent.

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