Louisiana classrooms get money through 'Cash for Schools' program

Louisiana classrooms get money through 'Cash for Schools' program

ST. AMANT, LA (WAFB) - Schools across the southeast got some big checks on Thursday as part of the Cash for Schools program put on by Community Coffee.

Parents and school employees turn in stubs that prove they purchased Community Coffee products and the company will raise money for those schools. This year, Community raised over $320,000. Four Baton Rouge area schools were in the top 11, but the highest earner was Church Academy out of St. Amant, which raised over $3,800.

Michelle Jones, a parent, says the school plans on using the money to renovate their library. "It's awesome. Just any time we can raise money for the school, it makes the school grow and be better," she said.

"The teachers, educators, they receive that check and I know the hard work they put into it. To me, that's very rewarding," said Mat Saurage, the chairman of the board for Community Coffee.

The program is in its 28th year. Over that time period, it's raised a total of over $6 million for schools.

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