Gardere Initiative needs you to help bring positive community change

Gardere Initiative needs you to help bring positive community change

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A community improvement project is taking another step to make a portion of Baton Rouge a better place, but they need your help.

The Gardere Initiative is holding a meeting Tuesday, March 28 to discuss help needed with upcoming projects. The organization is specifically seeking property owners, government officials and community organizations to take action on neighborhood cleanliness, vacant properties, security and safety, increasing community partnership and pride among owners and tenant.

The areas of action that will be discussed include:

  • Develop self-sufficiency by reducing alcohol and drug abuse
  • Increase safety and security by encouraging crime reporting
  • Increase security by posting Neighborhood Watch signs on buildings
  • Increase cleanliness by enforcing no dumping in Gardere from outside owners and contractors
  • Increase cleanliness by exploring using large dumpsters instead of city trash bins
  • Advocate for complete streets design before Staring Lane is extended from Burbank to Wadsworth, water treatment plant
  • Applaud and promote property owners who are improving the quality of life for current residents by improving the apartments and offering the same rents
  • Provide additional housing capacity in collaboration with owners, city-parish, South Burbank Crime Prevention Development District and community organizations to purchase or have donated, renovate and rent the vacant properties
  • Improve recreational activities by advocating and promoting improvements to BREC Hartley-Vey Gardere Lane Park
  • Improve nutritional well-being by promoting fresh foods from the CommUNITY Garden
  • Turn on security lighting for those already installed. Give address to Entergy, determine cost, collaborate on billing
  • Improve ability to monitor activities by strategically installing home security camera’s on select buildings

The meeting will be held at St. Jude Parish Hall, 9150 Highland Rd. It will begin at 7 p.m.

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