La. residents in support of some tax hikes, but not others

(WAFB) - Most people don't openly talk about how they'd like to see higher taxes. In fact, it's usually the opposite, but a new survey shows for the most part, people in Louisiana support raising taxes... in a way.

"The key here is to be specific and to connect the dots to really see the complexity of the public's thinking. It seems at least on certain issues - schools, transportation - people are willing to see higher taxes for those kinds of key programs they like. It doesn't mean they're just willing to open up the revenue streams and fund anything and we shouldn't cut anything," said Michael Henderson with the Public Policy Research Lab.

What the survey did not reveal was exactly how taxes should be raised, except when it comes to the state's gas tax. Most of the people who filled out the survey were in favor of increasing it by anywhere from 5 to more than 20 cents per gallon to fund road projects.

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