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Health summit focuses on how to 'Advance Policy for a Healthy Louisiana'

Health Summit (Source: WAFB) Health Summit (Source: WAFB)

Health leaders and advocates gathered Friday to discuss how to "Advance Policy for a Healthy Louisiana."

That was the theme of this year's health summit.

Gov. John Bel Edwards spoke about the state's success of expanding Medicaid.

He said since the expansion took effect in July, more than 400,000 Louisiana residents now have access to health insurance.

But with potential changes to federal healthcare policies, Edwards added he is keeping an eye on what's happening in the nation's capital.

"We want to be able to keep the Medicaid expansion,” Edwards said. “If Congress chooses to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, I hope it doesn't include the Medicaid expansion component, but if it does, I hope the replacement is a reasonable facsimile of what we currently have. But obviously, going forward, we have to continue to work on the budget. We have a structural budget deficit that we have not yet closed."

The summit took place at the CB Pennington Jr. Conference Center.

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