Baton Rouge residents turn to spiritual healing

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - From slain officers to devastating flooding, it's been a rough year for Baton Rouge, and people are trying to find any way they can to deal with their emotions, including alternative methods such as spiritual healing.

Velma Alford, owner of Lighten Up All Over, is a local healer who says business has increased since the Alton Sterling shooting and especially following the August flooding.

Alford uses methods similar to meditation to help people confront their emotional pain and recover from it. She says when dealing with grief, people may have trouble trusting others, even those closest to them.

"Help free up that energy that's stuck and stored in our bodies and affecting our lives," Alford said. "Our relationships, our friendships, our trust with our leaders and the community, all that."

Alford normally treats people with PTSD or abuse victims and has been healing since 1997.

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