Fisherman plucks rare catfish from Mississippi

Fisherman plucks rare catfish from Mississippi

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A rare catfish was plucked from the Mississippi River by one lucky local fisherman.

Justin Sullivan and his brother Aaron Lyons were fishing in the Plaquemine area Saturday afternoon. The Mississippi is always good place to catch catfish, but Sullivan wasn't expecting his 16-pound rarity.

The albino catfish is not common in the wild. That's largely due to their coloration.

A white fish is much easier to spot by predators, so they often fail to grow to maturity. That's why they are so rare. However, the muddy water of the Mississippi allows them to hide better than in other locations.

Other than their color, there's nothing too unique about this bottom-dweller. The meat tastes the same as any other catfish.

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