Red Stick Mom Blog's summer camp guide is here

Red Stick Mom Blog's summer camp guide is here

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - It can seem like a contest for parents who want quality learning for the children during the summer, chasing that summer camp spot!

That's why Red Stick Moms Blog (and for that matter, New Orleans Moms Blog) offers an online rescue. The 2017 Ultimate Guide to Summer Camps is an easy answer.

"It hits camps in the area, showing you different areas of interest for children," Says Linzy Cotoya, blog media relations. "There are links in the information to sign up, so you can directly click to them. It lets parents know when registration starts, is lunch provided, what are the times, and more."

She says it's like taking all the fliers for a camp, putting them in one place, and letting parents click to read them all and then click to register.

"Starting to look into camp options early allows you to review camp offerings at your own pace," says Misty Roussa, Red Stick Moms Blog contributor and Gonzales mom. "Many camps fill up quickly, so by looking early, you can have more choices to select from."

Sometimes the pre-registration info does not fully tell start and stop times, or particularly what d rop-off and pick-up are like.

"For me, it is important to find a camp that is very different from school," says Tiffany Dunn, Red Stick Moms Blog contributor and Millerville area mom. "I want a camp that is in a new place, a new area, and with new friends for my kids so they can completely take a break from school life."

Cotoya points out that it really is labor intensive to put all this info together to make an informed decision on camps. Red Stick Moms Blog made a commitment to do that for area parents. "It took a while to put it together. We had a member of our team who was responsible for the guide, but then we contacted all the camps to get their info and confirm, so we used other workers for about a month to put it together and get it done before the Mardi Gras rush. When camp registrations open, some of the better camps would have a line to register and so parents can pick the better camp and be first in line," says Cotoya.

The guide is free and can be found online here. Enjoy other features on the main page here.

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