Sen. Kennedy responds to House budget committee advancing healthcare overhaul plan

(WAFB) - The house budget committee has voted to advance the GOP's plan to overhaul healthcare.

All Democrats and three conservative GOP lawmakers voted against the measure, which was just one vote shy of an embarrassing setback. The bill could have an even tougher time in the U.S. Senate though.

Louisiana Senator John Kennedy says even with its flaws, it's better than the Affordable Care Act. "Now the Ryan plan is not perfect, but it's a start. You've gotta' start somewhere. I'm glad we've started. I wanted to start a month ago. It will change as it goes through Congress, but we have to do something. Obamacare has failed and we've got nowhere to go but up," said Kennedy.

Kennedy says there are some things in the House bill he doesn't like, but he says the Senate will be able to make changes.

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