Before His Time

Wrong place, wrong time... we hear it all too often. Unfortunately, many times that bad timing has the worst ending.

It's been about eight months since Sparrow Street bore witness to a terrible crime, a crime still unsolved. It was October 30th, 2004, in the 900 block of Sparrow Street, just off the campus of Southern University. That particular Saturday night was a little different from most.

Detective Ross Williams says, "There was a party going on across the street, parties going on down there. People still leaving from the game, there were people everywhere."

That night happened to be Southern's homecoming night, and the streets were packed with people looking to have a good time. Unfortunately, some of the people in those crowds were not feeling as good natured as others, as the people in a nearby apartment would find out.

"Somebody came over and kicked in the door," says Williams. "The people inside came outside to see what was going on. Some shots were fired, and one of the young men got struck."

That young man was 23-year-old Domonie Robinson. From witness statements, police have learned that he just stopped by on his way to somewhere else. Wrong place, wrong time. That bullet struck Domonie in the face. He died at the scene, and his killer is still out there.

His mother, Janie Otis, says about the killer, "You were man enough to hold a gun in your hand, shoot somebody and take his life. Be man enough to take the responsibility for what you've done. Because you know who you are."

"We ain't angry at nobody, we ain't got no hate for nobody, we just want justice," says his stepfather, Meltone Otis, Sr.

When Domonie was shot that night, it wasn't just a son or brother that was killed, but also a father. Domonie has three children.

"How do you explain to them that they won't ever see their dad again? That's hard," says Jane Otis.

It's a void they are trying to fill, but it's tough when all that's left are memories and pictures. His mother says, "I go in the room and I talk to my son, I talk to his picture. I'm home baby."

All she can do for her baby now, is bring him some justice. Can you help? If you think you can, call Crime Stoppers at 344-STOP. You can remain anonymous, and you could be eligible for a reward of up to 1,000 dollars.