Rape charge dropped against Angola assistant warden

Rape charge dropped against Angola assistant warden

WEST FELICIANA PARISH, LA (WAFB) - A grand jury decided Monday not to indict an assistant warden at Angola.

Barrett Boeker of West Feliciana Parish was arrested in December on one count of second-degree rape. The grand jury returned what's called a "no true bill."

That basically means the case is over unless any new evidence comes forward. District Attorney Sam D'Aquilla said he did not anticipate any new evidence.

There were questions over why a rape kit was not introduced as evidence. D'Aquilla said the victim waited until several days after the alleged incident before going to the hospital and the kit provided no evidence.

The accuser said that Boeker raped her at his home, which is on prison grounds.

He is still on administrative leave and it remains to be seen how the grand jury's decision may affect his status at Angola.

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