Thousands turn out to Race for the Cure

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The Race for the Cure sponsored by The Susan G. Komen Foundation had all the signs of a celebration Saturday, from the pink boas to pink hair, the enthusiasm to raise awareness for the life-threatening disease was clear.

According to The Susan G. Komen website, breast cancer is estimated to take more than 40,000 lives this year. That's a large figure the foundation continually strives to decrease through awareness.

"The more money that's raised by these kinds of things, the earlier detection we can do, the more cures they can come up with and the more research they can fund," said Stephanie Landry.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago, but is now cancer free.

Event organizers said about 7,000 people packed the LSU Old Front Nine to remember the lives lost and support those who continue to fight.

"I have a friend that passed away from breast cancer and I have another friend that was diagnosed soon after me. So, I've really taken this to heart," Landry added.

Peggy Hanks of PJ's Peeps has been cancer free for seven years. She walks for herself and those who will one day face the fight.

"For all the other women who haven't been diagnosed, yet, and for all of us that are surviving every day and facing it and for the ones that we've lost," Hanks explained.

Breast cancer survivor Shelia Dunn said it's the comradery amongst survivors that encourages her to return year after year.

"You go through physical, emotional ... all of that and back again and it's hard," Dunn said. "When you can come out here and do this and be with a whole lot of people that's dealing with the same thing you are, it's amazing."

The fundraising goal for the Susan G. Komen Baton Rouge affiliate this year is $200,000.

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