Community gathers for 'Stop the Violence' march and rally

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The sound of gunfire ringing out night and day has become all too common for some people in Baton Rouge.

There was another effort Sunday to silence those shots with a show of unity. It's no secret the city of Baton Rouge has seen its share of gun violence.

"Stop the violence; stop the violence," marchers yelled out as they made their way down the street.

That's one of the many chants that echoed through the streets of north Baton Rouge as city leaders and community members marched to fight crime.

"It's not enough that we just raise awareness when the police kill someone, but we need to raise awareness when we kill each other as well and find different ways to bring hope to the youth and so they'll find a better path than a gun," said Michael Mitchell, a community activist.

It's the sound of gunshots that's become too familiar in the Capital City. Just last week, a man was killed in a parked car right up the street from Elm Grove Baptist Church. The shooting happened at North 37th Street near Cain Street.

That crime remains unsolved, which is another problem the march aimed to fix - the community trusting the police.

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"The citizens of our community play a vital role in the public safety equation for our community," said Mayor Sharon Weston Broome.

"There's a strained relationship between law enforcement and the community, particularly some communities, and we have to both work together to resolve that issue because we need the communities' help and they need ours," District Attorney Hillar Moore added.

There's no magical solution to stop the senseless violence, but the march sounded the alarm to start making changes in the street and connecting with police.

"Just interaction with one another, I think, will help tremendously," said Pastor Errol Domingue with Elm Grove Baptist Church.

This is the third year Elm Grove Baptist Church has hosted the event and organizers said the peaceful marches will continue as long as positive influence is needed in the community.

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