Gov. Edwards, others call on Richmond to apologize to Trump adviser

Social media response to Cedric Richmond's comments (Source: WAFB)
Social media response to Cedric Richmond's comments (Source: WAFB)

(WAFB) - Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards says "without question" Congressman Cedric Richmond should apologize for comments Richmond made about a member of President Donald Trump's staff.

Trump adviser, Kellyanne Conway, was photographed Monday kneeling on a couch inside the Oval Office during a meeting with presidents of historically black colleges and universities from across the country. Social media ripped into Conway, with many users calling the photo embarrassing and disrespectful, but now, it's Louisiana Congressman Cedric Richmond that's coming under fire after he chose to weigh in on the picture with a seemingly suggestive take on the image.

During Wednesday's annual Washington Press Club Foundation congressional dinner, Richmond said that Conway "looked kind of familiar there in that position." While the event is known for the jokes that are told there, many did not find any humor in Richmond's remarks.

The Congressman was quick to correct his words Thursday, issuing a statement reading:

Since some people have interpreted my joke to mean something that it didn't, I think it is important to clarify what I meant. Where I grew up, saying that someone is looking or acting 'familiar' simply means that they are behaving too comfortably.

But other Louisiana leaders are not buying it, slamming the leader of the Congressional Black Caucus' actions. Head of the state GOP, Roger Villere, is now calling Richmond's character into question.

"We just think it was out of bounds, out of line, and over the top," Villere said. "I thought it was completely inappropriate and unnecessary and I thought it was really small of Cedric to do that. I thought he was a better person than that."

Villere said he is disappointed in Richmond and believes there is only one way to make it right.

"If he really thinks about what he did and what he says, he should apologize to Kellyanne," Villere added.

Governor Edwards also called for an apology Thursday. A statement from a governor's office spokesman said:

Governor Edwards thinks Congressman Richmond should apologize. The governor did not find the congressman's comments funny or appropriate.

Several people who took to a 9News social media page to sound off on Richmond's comments and were mostly split. One commenter said, "Mr. Richmond should not talk about anyone, much less those in the public light like that."

Another commenter said, "I don't think he should have to apologize for anything."

Apology or not, the picture and the following joke certainly has a lot of people talking.

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