OUR TURN: Louisiana State Police travel scandal

OUR TURN: Louisiana State Police travel scandal

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The travel scandal involving the Louisiana State Police department is a serious matter. The four-day joy ride to San Diego that included a sightseeing stop at the Grand Canyon and a night of partying in a fancy Las Vegas casino cannot at this moment be excused as an aberration.

The bad decisions were made by troopers at the highest levels of the department, and every aspect of this situation shows that state police were tone deaf to what is actually going on in Louisiana. We're having to cut TOPS scholarships and medical care, but this police agency apparently has enough money to allow officers to pad their timesheets.

One of the state's top leaders is now calling for the resignation of State Police Superintendent Mike Edmonson. Edmonson says he won't offer that.

If he expects to keep his job and restore the reputation of his department, he should invite a full investigation of the matter by an outside entity with the power to subpoena witnesses. Anything less is going fall short.

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