Warrick Dunn surprises Baton Rouge mother, kids with new home

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A single mother was speechless after getting the surprise of a lifetime Friday afternoon.

Warrick Dunn surprised Baton Rouge resident, Latrenda Perkins, and her two kids with a brand new home.

"Oh my God, I got those keys," Perkins said.

It was a moment Perkins and her two kids will never forget as they took the first steps inside their new home. It was made possible by Warrick Dunn Charities and Habitat for Humanity.

The Perkins family was given the first-class treatment as room by room they were given a tour. Each room was fully stocked, decked out in about $10,000 worth of furniture, appliances and technology provided by Aaron's, Inc. Perkins said she is still taking it all in.

"I can't believe that it was me. I was so excited, a little overwhelmed, because it was a lot going on but it's a good overwhelmed," Perkins added.

They were living with her mother until the August flood happened and it was to a hotel and then, a temporary home. Now, though, Perkins and her family have a place to call their own, something she said she is not taking for gr anted.

"Oh gosh, I'm just ready to move forward in my own home and enjoy it and me and my kids enjoy our home," she explained.

It is the 153rd home that Dunn has given to a deserving family and the 19th in his hometown of Baton Rouge. He said the pure joy of being a blessing to others never gets old.

"They're emotional," Dunn said. "You can see how excited she was when she got the keys and for me, that's what it takes."

Her signature made it official and for this mom, the old saying is true - 'There really is no place like home.'

"It's like a dream come true… a big dream come true," Perkins said.

She also received a $5,000 check to go along with her family's new home.

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