Baker Police Department gets new bullet-proof vests

BAKER, LA (WAFB) - The Baker Police Department got a very late, but valuable, Christmas present on Thursday.

Thirty new bullet proof vests were donated by the Capital Area Law Enforcement Foundation, an organization created by former BRPD Chief Pat Englade. Baker Police Chief Carl Dunn says they lost half their vests during the August flood. The replacements have ceramic plates, which protect officers from assault rifles.

"When shots are coming, we are coming, whether we got a vest on or not," Dunn said. "So I'm not gonna' say it affects our response time, but you got to realize, when a man is shooting up a place with an assault rifle and you got something that can withstand that and you can return fire, you're more proficient in your response."

"I think it gives them a little more confidence, and when you have an active shooter, at you least you know you have an edge with a vest on that can help you in the event that we have a situation like this," said Englade.

The Capital Area Law Enforcement Foundation was started by Englade following the summer attacks that killed two BRPD officers and an East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office deputy. They are funded entirely through donations. The vests cost around $400 each.

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