Mother, two sons arrested for allegedly kidnapping, beating male victim

Mother, two sons arrested for allegedly kidnapping, beating male victim

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A mother and her two sons are behind bars after allegedly kidnapping and beating a male victim, before releasing him to his mother after negotiations.

On February 4, officials with the Baton Rouge Police Department say Pamela Hayward, 40, Gary Fieldings, 25, and Dannie Hayward, 22, all of Baton Rouge, allegedly kidnapped a male victim.

The victim initially came into contact with Fieldings while  he was walking down the street, where he pointed a short black rifle at the victim and told him not to run or he would shoot.

According to police, Fieldings struck the victim in the head two times with the rifle and forced him to get into a vehicle at gunpoint.

Police say Fieldings then drove the victim to his nearby residence in the 3300 block of Crestaire Dr. The victim was held against his will at the residence for up to 2 hours during which Pamela Hayward and 4 other suspects kicked and struck the victim multiple times.

According to the victim, Pamela and the others were armed with guns while he was being beaten and throughout his capture until he was eventually released to his mother. The victim also said he lost consciousness twice from being beaten by the group.

Police say the victim was later treated at the Ochsner Health Center where he was diagnosed with a concussion.

Authorities were able to corroborate the victim's statement by his mother, who negotiated his release and witnessed Fieldings armed with a gun while securing her son's release.

Both the male victim and his mother was able to positively identify Pamela Hayward out of six-person lineup. Police also obtained medical records from Ochsner documenting the victim's injuries.

According to police, Pamela Hayward is the mother of both Dannie Hayward and Fieldings.

All three were charged with second degree kidnapping and second degree battery and were booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison.

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