Dog tossed over bridge with mouth taped shut; left for dead

DENHAM SPRINGS, LA (WAFB) - It was a November day in north Louisiana when some friends were d ropping their boat in the water and happened to see a dog.

"They definitely left her for dead. They threw her off the bridge. She couldn't even get off the bank when we found her," said Garrett Matherne, who found the dog.

She was shaking, scared and they had to pick her up to put her in their boat, but noticed the situation was worse than they initially thought. Her entire mouth was taped shut. They started by trying to pull the tape off. They eventually were able to cut off the entire portion covering her mouth. Then they cut off the rest of the tape over her head.

They tried to feed her crackers they had on the boat. They took her back to their camp and then eventually made their way back home to Denham Springs. Despite what she's been through, that same dog is in good health three months later.

Matherne is who rescued her. "She recognizes my truck when I pull up and she's waiting and she's just ready to be loved on," said Matherne. "She's friendly for what happened. She'll love on anybody."

Matherne picked out a name for the dog based on everything she's been through. "We figured she had a rough start and she came back, so kind of like Rocky Balboa," said Matherne.

Because Matherne already has three dogs of his own, his boss, Robin Carpenter, adopted her. "Seemed like the right thing to do," said Carpenter.

Rocky is now the Carpenters' fifth dog, but he will tell you she's one of their best watchdogs. He said she wasn't always like this. "The first few weeks, she was kind of standoffish and nervous and it took her a while to get over that. The first few days, she wouldn't move by herself, like to go anywhere," said Carpenter.

She's come a long way since then, loving on anyone now and a part of this family.

"It's a good ending to a bad story," said Matherne.

The family believes Rocky is about a year old and she did not have a collar on her when they found her, so no word on who her original owners were.

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