Man booked on handful of charges after allegedly struggling with deputy during traffic stop

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A 30-year-old man who was arrested on a handful of charges after he allegedly struggled with a deputy during a traffic stop.

According to the probable cause report submitted by the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office, the incident happened Saturday, Feb. 18 on Masterson Dr.

The original call was a hit-and-run complaint. The report states that a resident called deputies after allegedly witnessing a vehicle damage a mailbox.

The responding deputy conducted a traffic stop on Dustin Drago.

"[Drago] was asked to exit the vehicle so [I] could conduct a pat search for weapons, and [Drago] was clutching his legs together as if he was attempting to hold something between them," states the report. "[Drego] refused multiple loud verbal commands and [I] attempted to secure him in handcuffs."

At this point the deputy claims Drago became combative.

"[Drago] jerked his arms away from [me] and refused to comply with verbal commands to place his hands behind his back," states the report. "[Drago] was eventually brought to the ground where he continued to ignore multiple loud verbal commands to comply with placing his hands behind his back."

The deputy says he sprayed Drago with control spray, but alleges that Drago continued to resist by kicking the deputy. The deputy was reportedly treated by EMS at the scene.

"[Drago] was eventually secured, and a pill bottle fell out of his pants upon searching him," states the report. "the pill bottle had no markings, and [Drago] stated he obtained the pill from a friend. There was also a foil Pop-Tart wrapper that contained an unknown substance."

The deputy also claims Drago made "threats" during his arrest.

Drago was charged with hit and run, expired registration, no proof of insurance, driver's license suspended, driver's license not on person, resisting an officer by force, batter of a police officer, possession of schedule 4 drugs, and public intimidation and retaliation. His bond is set at $12,050.

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