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Fighting Frizz: Doctor creates treatment to help teen daughter

Alden Clark (Source: WAFB) Alden Clark (Source: WAFB)
Alden Clark with Lubricity treatment Alden Clark with Lubricity treatment
Boyce Clark, Ph. D (Source: WAFB) Boyce Clark, Ph. D (Source: WAFB)

The humidity in Louisiana presents a constant battle for people who have frizzy hair.

Alden Clark, 13, says she used to battle a rats' nest on her head every morning before school.

"Every morning, we’d have to brush it through and it was…pain," Clark said.

Her dad is a single father and often tried to help her.

"We tried over the counter products to no avail," Boyce Clark, Ph.D. said. "I looked into Keratin straightening treatments and I wasn’t comfortable with the safety factor because they all use formaldehyde."

Clark would watch the humidity go up and his daughter’s hair would get bigger. He wanted to know why and set out to come up with a safe way to help her. Clark has a Ph.D. in Uranium Biogeochemistry and used to work all over the world. Two years ago, he decided to pick up some reading for one of his trips.

"I checked out two books about the anatomy, physiology and morphology of hair and took them to the Arctic Circle. When it’s negative 30 degrees and you’re there, there’s a lot of down time. So, I taught myself about hair," Clark explained.

He then reached out to pharmaceutical and personal care companies. They sent him samples to his "lab," which was actually his kitchen. Clark said he used a KitchenAid mixer to test out formulas. After months of testing out various combinations on his daughter’s hair, they had a breakthrough.

"My dad got many phone calls from my principal and my teachers asking, 'What did you do to her hair?'" Alden Clark said.

Her father called his new treatment, "Lubricity." It won him a $200,000 grant at a pitch contest in Baton Rouge in 2016. He is now out of his kitchen and out of the corporate world.

"We’re in a legit lab space. It’s less breaking bad," Clark joked.

Lubricity Labs, LLC is now set up at the LSU Innovation Park, which Clark encourages anyone with a startup company to visit.

"I showed up with an idea, a couple of bottles of shampoo and they put a team on me," Clark said.

Lubricity Labs, LLL now puts out 1,600 bottles of product a day with a growing number of online orders across the United States. To Clark, it is a rewarding adventure that all started with his love for his daughter.

"It’s exciting both on the fact that it helps people. When I worked for corporate America, you work projects that could go decades and you never may see fruition. Making something now and having clients stop me on the street and say, "I use your product. My hair was insane spending two hours every morning to do my hair. Now I spend eight minutes. It changed my life.' It’s fulfilling," Clark added.

The following locations sell Lubricity products in Baton Rouge. You can find more information about the company and pricing at
Bumble Lane
7450 Jefferson Highway, Suite 350
Baton Rouge, LA  70806
(225) 932-9522
Lux Salon
7337 Highland Road
Baton Rouge, LA  70808
(225) 766-0299
Salon Aerie
14241 Coursey Blvd, Suite B-2
Baton Rouge, LA  70816
(225) 810-3266
Gaudet Bros
4556 Government St., Suite 3
Baton Rouge, LA  70806
(225) 387-8783
SOHO Boutique Salon
7731 Perkins Road, Suite 140
Baton Rouge, LA  70810
(225) 246-8005
Mercer Supply
1010 Nicholson Dr., Suite E
Baton Rouge, LA  70802
(225) 421-1613

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