BRCC seeks volunteers to receive free ultrasound exams

BRCC seeks volunteers to receive free ultrasound exams

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The Diagnostic Medical Sonography (Ultrasound) program at Baton Rouge Coummunity College (BRCC) is seeking volunteers for ultrasound exams.

The exams will be performed by students enrolled in the ultrasound program under the supervision of course instructors, who are Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (RDMS).

Volunteers must be at least 18-years-old. Pregnant volunteers are especially desirable. Exams must be scheduled by appointment. To schedule an appointment, call Mike Beauford at 225-261-8046 or Richard Goldsmith at 225-216-8498.

General exams being offered include abdominal ultrasounds for those experiencing pain on their right side after eating. Individuals wishing to participate should fast for six hours prior to the exam. Obstetric ultrasounds are available for women who are at least ten weeks pregnant. Volunteers can bring a flash drive if they wish to save ultrasound photos. A carotid artery ultrasound is also available for those wishing to screen for stroke risk.

Ultrasounds available for those age 50 and older include arm and/or leg arteries to check circulation for peripheral artery disease, an ultrasound of arm or leg veins to check for leg swelling or varicose veins, and ultrasound of the thyroid, which is the gland in the neck that controls metabolism.

Volunteers wishing to participate in the carotid artery and thyroid exams should wear shirts with loose collars. For leg scans, volunteers should wear shorts that can be pulled up to thigh level. For arm scans, volunteers should wear t-shirts.

The Diagnostic Medical Sonography program is always seeking volunteers for students to practice performing exams. Contact the department for further information.

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