OUR TURN: Budget crisis needs something new to be 'news'

OUR TURN: Budget crisis needs something new to be 'news'

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The word "news" implies information that was previously unknown – something new. So by that definition, it's hardly worth noting at all that the state of Louisiana has another budget shortfall.

Of course, we do.

Or that a special session of lawmakers will be convened at taxpayer expense to try to patch something together.

We know what that will be like.

Or that the governor's plan to solve the crisis involves the use of one-time rainy day fund money to cover every day operating expenses.

That's the same thing the last governor did.

Please excuse our sarcasm. We are certainly hopeful that our leaders will do the right thing to solve the state's newest budget shortfall. But we're also pretty sure that will do nothing to prevent the next one which will be right around the corner.

What we really need are some innovators who have an interest in solving the state's financial issues on a long term basis. If some people would step up to do that, that would be news – big news.

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