Fans wonder what LSU will do about recent Tiger Stadium break-ins

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Juan Balderas from Port Allen loves making the trip across the bridge to visit Tiger Stadium, but he's disturbed by the recent streak of break-ins at the facility. There have been five in the past month and a half.

"You should actually protect this place," Balderas said. "It's a very nice place to visit whenever, on weekends or you don't work."

Only one break-in resulted in damage to the field, but Balderas says it may be time for the school to consider making it more challenging for people to get in.

"I think there should be beefed up security around here," Balderas said.

Local radio personality, Matt Moscona, is a man who's well acquainted with Tiger Stadium's accessibility. He says since he started covering LSU sports in 2007, fans have always found ways to get inside.

"As long as Tiger Stadium has been there, there have been curious people wandering through those gates," said Moscona, the host of After
Further Review on 104.5 ESPN Radio.

That's why Moscona proposes that the school try a different tactic: leave the stadium open. Schools like the University of Florida, Florida State, and Nebraska have a stadium that is always open to the public.

"With the exception of the goofballs from Alabama that went and tore up the eye before the game, most of the people going into the stadium are just curious," Moscona said. "I think if you left the gates open and just let people sort of safely explore the stadium, it's a treasure."

He also says this could be a new money maker for the school. They could charge guests for tours.

"How valuable would it be for someone that's a huge LSU fan to walk through the locker room, to see the national championship trophies, to be able to walk through the tunnel and touch the win bar," said Moscona.

A spokesman for LSU says the Athletic Department is reviewing various considerations for the stadium, such as improved security and a more open facility.

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