Some students opt out of spring semester due to cuts in TOPS

(WAFB) - Louisiana higher education leaders say only 100 students opted out for the spring semester after drastic cuts were made to the TOPS program.

It was initially believed more students would forego the semester after they were forced to cough up more money for tuition. Legislators cut TOPS to ease the burden on the state's multi-million dollar budget deficit.

Commissioner of Higher Education Joseph Rallo says cuts to TOPS will likely continue.

"The TOPS award is pretty much stable, but the point is you have to put money into that award and that's where the legislature was unable to fund it at more than 70 percent this year and all the indications I have going forward are the next two years are going to be even worse. I wish I could say I was guardedly optimistic, but I really am not," said Rallo.

More than 40,000 students are enrolled in TOPS statewide.

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