Local teen wins chance to attend 2018 Super Bowl

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BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A local teen has won a trip to next year's Super Bowl after entering a contest a few weeks ago.

This one-minute video 13-year-old Jaden Dupree entered shows him shooting trick shots on a candy-lined pool table. The video has been viewed hundreds of times but it is the one view by judges with the Almost Game-Time Super Bowl Contest that won him a chance to see next year's big game in person.

"Well when I won it I was like oh my god I'm going to the Super Bowl. I'll be thinking about it every day for the next year," Jaden said.

But while he will be waiting for next year's game, this year his video will be featured in a show leading up to the big game which means millions of eyeballs will see his talent in action.

"I'm very happy it's gotten on there," Jaden added. "I would never think in a million years if you told me my pool video was going to be on before the Super Bowl I wouldn't believe you."

The contest which was sponsored by Snickers, M&M's and Skittles had simple rules, asking fans to showcase how they prepare for the Super Bowl while incorporating their tasty treats. Dupree said he knew immediately that his love for pool had to make the cut.

"It was worth it," he added.

Jaden said he first picked up a pool stick about two years ago and now while he is pretty much an expert he says anyone can do it but It just takes practice.

In the past two years, his trick shot videos have turned him into somewhat of a social media star. His constant practicing and posting has earned him more than 13,000 faithful followers on Facebook and another 30,000 on Instagram.

"I started off as a joke and I never intended for it to go like this," he said. His mother Amy said the whole experience has been unreal. She remembers the first time one of her son's videos went viral.

"We were watching it and the comments changed from English then into Spanish then into French so you could literally see it spreading around the world," she said.

Amy said she is proud of her son and now has one more huge reason to watch Sunday big game.

"I'm just excited for him to have the opportunity to have more people see what he can do on a pool table," she added.

Jaden said his ultimate goal is to reach more than 100,000 followers on Instagram and YouTube. He believes he could get there within the next six months.

Anyone interested in seeing more of Jaden's video can access his YouTube channel by clicking HERE.

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