La. leaders respond to Trump appointment of Gorsuch to Supreme Court

La. leaders respond to Trump appointment of Gorsuch to Supreme Court

(WAFB) - Many Louisiana leaders and politicians are responding to President Donald Trump's appointment of Neil Gorsuch to fill the vacant seat in the Supreme Court. The appointment was announced Tuesday, January 31.

U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy, released this statement:

Judge Gorsuch is an intelligent conservative and will bring a necessary perspective to ensure a fair and balanced Supreme Court. A swift confirmation is imperative while the seat remains open. The recent election gave the American people a voice in this debate and they made themselves heard by electing President Trump to fill this vacancy. Any action to prevent or delay a vote on Gorsuch's nomination is purely political and opposed to the wishes of the American people.

Representative Cedric Richmond had this to say:

After nearly a year of Senate Republican delay tactics, President Trump has nominated a judge who has been openly hostile to women's rights and lenient on police brutality to the Supreme Court. Despite the president's trivial games, this selection has serious consequences for every American. Judge Gorsuch has displayed an inability to be an impartial check to either branch or protect the rights of women and minorities. As a result, I call on my Senate colleagues to oppose Judge Gorsuch's confirmation and demand a nominee with a record of protecting the rights of all Americans.

U.S. Senator John Kennedy responded as well, saying:

The role of the Senate is to provide 'advice and consent.' Many Americans are going to have to live with this Justice the rest of their natural lives. His decisions will affect many facets of their lives, economically, socially, culturally, and spiritually. The American people deserve a full and fair vetting process. I like what I see so far, but look forward to learning more in the confirmation process. Neil Gorsuch is obviously very well-qualified based on his education and background, but I want to know what's in his heart. I want to know what he thinks about past Supreme Court decisions and how the Justices reached those decisions. I want to know whether he thinks personal preferences have a role in the judicial decision-making. I want to know if he knows the name of the person who cleans his office. Also, I'm rather fond of the U.S. Constitution, and I want to make sure he is, too.

Congressman Garret Graves spoke out about the appointment as well:

Neil Gorsuch is an experienced, respected federal judge who has demonstrated a reverence for the Constitution and an understanding for the the law that instill confidence in his ability to protect the liberty and right to freedom promised to all Americans. I'd urge the Senate to stop playing games and quickly approve his nomination.

Majority Whip Steve Scalise released this statement:

President Trump campaigned on a pledge to nominate justices to the Supreme Court who will uphold the Constitution, and his selection of Judge Neil Gorsuch delivers on that promise in a big way. Judge Gorsuch is highly regarded for his exceptional intellect and fierce defense of the Constitution, and he was overwhelmingly confirmed by the Senate with bipartisan support, including by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. While we can never truly replace Justice Antonin Scalia—who was one of the greatest legal minds in our nation's history—in Neil Gorsuch, President Trump has chosen a principled conservative to fill this important vacancy. I urge the Senate to do their job of providing advice and consent in an expeditious manner so the Supreme Court can fully and properly perform its role in our great system of democracy.

Attorney General Jeff Landry also commented on Trump's Supreme Court appointment:

I applaud President Trump for nominating Judge Gorsuch, a jurist with a proven record of upholding the Constitution. Judge Gorsuch has been a staunch proponent of states' rights and religious liberty. He is committed to the Founding Fathers' principle of a limited judiciary, famously saying that judges should 'strive to apply the law as it is, focusing backward, not forward, and looking to text, structure, and history to decide what a reasonable reader at the time of the events in question would have understood the law to be.' While filling Justice Scalia's seat will be a tough feat, I am confident Judge Gorsuch will continue to be an honorable and ethical jurist; and I look forward to his swift confirmation by the United States Senate.

Congressman Mike Johnson responded as well:

I am very pleased that President Trump has nominated Judge Neil Gorsuch to fill the vacant seat on the U.S. Supreme Court left by the late Atonin Scalia. Judge Gorsuch is an exceptionally qualified individual, with a proven record on issues ranging from the sanctity of human life to religious liberty to the Second Amendment. He will strictly interpret the Constitution as our Founders intended and the people of this country deserve. I hope that he will be confirmed quickly, especially since he was previously confirmed to the appellate court by a unanimous vote.

We will continue to add more statements as we receive them.

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