Man allegedly attempts to disarm officer while being arrested on drug charges

Man allegedly attempts to disarm officer while being arrested on drug charges

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A Baton Rouge man was arrested Tuesday after allegedly fighting an officer and attempting to disarm him while being placed under arrest for various drug offenses.

The report states a Baton Rouge Police officer was at the Raceway gas station, located at 7174 Airline Hwy., in his undercover narcotics unit, wearing a full BRPD uniform and tactical vest working extra duty, when he observed a man, later identified as Michael Michelli, 50, pull into the parking lot. The officer says he saw Michelli exit his black Chevy pickup truck and drop what appeared to be a metal crack pipe.

The report says Michelli then went inside the gas station and upon returning to his truck, he opened the driver door and picked up what appeared to be a clear, plastic bag of crack cocaine and put it in his front right pants pocket.

The officer then approached Michelli and instructed him to place his hands on the truck. Michelli complied, but when the officer began to pat him down, Michelli immediately turned around and began to hit the officer with a closed fist. The officer says Michelli also scratched his face as he struck Michelli back with a closed fist.

Michelli then fell to the ground, where the officer attempted to handcuff him. The report states Michelli continued to actively fight the officer and even began trying to choke him. The officer says Michelli then tried to remove his firearm from his side in an attempt to disarm him.

The officer says he was then able to call for backup using his radio. When assisting officers later arrived, Michelli was still fighting the officer, the report states. Assisting officers were then able to handcuff Michelli.

EMS later arrived on the scene to assess Michelli's injuries when the report says he told the officer he was positive for Hepatitis C. According to the officer, Michelli allegedly intentionally scratched the officer in an attempt to infect him with the virus. The report says the officer involved did have scratches on the left side of his face and inside his mouth.

Once Michelli was handcuffed, a bag containing 2.9 grams of powder cocaine was retrieved from his right front pants pocket. Michelli was processed and booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison. He is charged with possession with intent to distribute cocaine, resisting an officer with force or violence, disarming of a peace officer (attempted), and battery of an officer.

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