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LSU students impacted by President Trump's travel ban

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President Donald Trump's ban on travel is having a big impact on students who attend LSU. More than 100 of them currently registered at the university are from one of the seven countries named in the President's Executive Order. The countries include Libya, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, and Somalia.

LSU is known for its diverse student population. Every year, the university proudly welcomes scholars from around the world to share their unique talents and get a college education. Many of those students are able to attend school in the United States with a student visa. It allows them to go home and visit their home countries during school breaks, but an Executive Order signed by President Trump on Friday, protecting the U.S. from foreign nationals entering from seven countries known for acts of terrorism, might prohibit some students from returning to the U.S. once they leave.

According to LSU, 118 students enrolled this semester are from those countries. The breakdown of student enrollment from foreign countries can be found below:

Assistant professor at the LSU Immigration Law Clinic, Lauren Aronson, believes they are currently in the U.S.

“If they happen to be abroad when the executive order was signed, they would have not been allowed back into the U.S.I haven't actually heard whether any of those 118 students were outside of the U.S., and because our school is already in session, I assume they were probably back,” Aronson said.

LSU President F. King Alexander sent a letter to the LSU community on Monday afternoon stating the move has "caused significant alarm within the higher education community, and that LSU is engaged with governmental leaders to ensure the protection of our students, faculty, and staff."

He added university leaders will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates. His full statement can be read below: 

Last week’s Presidential Executive Order affecting the ability of individuals from certain nations to enter the United States has caused significant alarm within the higher education community. Please know that LSU is monitoring the issue and we are engaged with governmental leaders to ensure the protection of our students, faculty, and staff. We will continue to provide updates to potentially affected students and employees based on the latest available information.

Academia depends upon the exchange of ideas with colleagues from around the world. In fact, the ability to attract and engage scientists, scholars, and students from around the world is one of the reasons American universities are leaders in innovation.

Cultural and intellectual exchange bring significant economic and diplomatic benefits. Faculty and staff from around the world have become part of our university, with many using their unique talents to solve our state’s challenges. And our history is filled with international students who returned home to play pivotal leadership roles in their own nations that ultimately resulted in stronger diplomatic ties with the United States.

For these reasons and many more, our colleagues from the international community are more than simply welcome at LSU – they are respected and valued, and we are appreciative of their contributions to the success of our university.

LSU is committed to preparing globally aware students who are internationally competitive while also attracting the world’s brightest scholars to Louisiana. I’m proud of our university’s progress in meeting both of these goals, and look forward to all we will achieve through our combined efforts.

Southern University also released a statement saying:

At this time, no international students enrolled at Southern University have been affected by President Donald Trump’s executive orders limiting the admission and travel of foreign nationals from seven countries to the U.S. The University is monitoring any developments related to the executive orders on foreign travel and will continue providing our international students with information and any assistance needed.

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