Inspector General defends office in the face of budget cuts

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Facing the possibility of deep budget cuts, the state inspector general spoke Monday defending his office.

"I think we have demonstrated over nine years that the value of the office really can't be objectively debated. The majority of folks upset with us were either targets of our investigations or had bad things happen to them because of one of our investigations that we did," said Inspector General Stephen Street.

The office is judged by the three year average of fraud and corruption identified, measured against their general fund appropriation during the same time frame. The results for fiscal years 2014 through 2016 are listed below:

  • Average dollars identified: $8,819,273
  • Average general fund appropriation: $1,803,859
  • Average percentage of general fund appropriation: 488 percent

This means for every dollar the office got, they identified $4.88 in fraud, waste, and corruption.

Street told the Baton Rouge Press Club his office has saved the state millions of dollars over the past few years. The inspector general's office acts as a watch dog for fraud, waste, and corruption in the state government.

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