Shooting victim tells police he believes he was targeted for 'messing around' with suspect's girlfriend

Shooting victim tells police he believes he was targeted for 'messing around' with suspect's girlfriend

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A Baton Rouge man has been arrested for allegedly firing shots at a man he believed was "messing around" with his girlfriend.

On Friday, January 27, the first incident occurred. The victim says a man, later identified as Erik Woods, 23, knocked on the door of his home on La Annie Dr. and asked for a "cold drink," which the victim says he would occasionally sell from his home to make extra money. The victim said he knows Woods from around the neighborhood and that Woods has been "messing around" with his girlfriend.

The victim advised officers when he went to the fridge to get a drink, Woods entered his apartment pointing a handgun at him. The report states the victim begged Woods not to shoot him, when Woods told him to go back to the room and give him all of his money. The victim says he complied and while he and Woods went to his room to get money, Woods allegedly fired a shot.

The victim says he gave Woods approximately $300, when Woods began yelling at him for having sex with his girlfriend. The report says as the victim continued to beg for his life, he and Woods began fighting over the gun. The victim says as they were fighting, the magazine came out of the pistol, and the victim was able to pick it up and force Woods out of his apartment and call the police.

Two days later, on January 29, the report says several shots were fired into the apartment next to the victim's. Woods was taken into custody a short time later at his girlfriend's apartment, which is not far from the victim's location. While questioning Woods after his arrest, the report says he stated he went to the victim's apartment to trade the gun for marijuana. Woods says when the weight of the marijuana came up short, he and the victim began to fight and then he left.

Woods claims he did not know anything about his girlfriend and the victim having a relationship. He also denied knowing that the victim sent his girlfriend a picture of his genitalia. Police say according to Woods' girlfriend, Woods found the picture on her phone Thursday, the day before the incident at the victim's apartment.

Woods is charged with armed robbery and attempted first degree murder.

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