Celtic Studios seeks owner of framed American flag left behind by flood victim

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Celtic Media in the heart of Baton Rouge was, for a time, home for thousands of people fleeing the rising waters that overwhelmed the area in August.

The vast movie studio was transformed into a shelter.  Four thousand people arrived the first day, each carrying stories of survival, loss, and hope.

There was Hailey Broullette whose dramatic rescue from a submerged car was captured on camera and shared around the world.

There was Duke the giant English Mastiff who became the studio's unofficial mascot, greeting each new-comer with a slobbery lick.

So many stories played out on the movie studio campus.  But, there's one Celtic's executive director Patrick Mulhearn said isn't finished.

"Obviously someone didn't want it to get lost in the flood," said Mulhearn.

Left behind after the shelter here closed was an American flag, folded tightly in a triangle and carefully kept in a shadow box made in Indiana. On the front is a name, Joseph Zikmund.

"You have to wonder was somebody standing on their roof with this waiting for a Blackhawk helicopter to pick them up and d rop them off here?" said Mulhearn.

The staff at Celtic has tried to find the owner, but so far no luck. They hope the public can help close this story with an overdue reunion.

"We would love to return it to the rightful owner because obviously it was special enough to try and save it from the flood," said Mulhearn.

Anyone who can help find the owner can contact Celtic Media at (225) 330-6000.

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