Civil rights case against BRPD moves forward after incident at the Varsity in 2014

Officer grabs man's cell phone. (Source: Varsity Theater surveillance video)
Officer grabs man's cell phone. (Source: Varsity Theater surveillance video)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A federal civil rights case against the Baton Rouge Police Department can now move forward.

Lawyers for Daniel Clement say police overreacted during in an incident in front of the Varsity Theater near LSU back in December of 2014. Police responded after a holiday party at the theater got out of control.

In surveillance video, a BRPD officer can be seen snatching a cell phone from Clement. Moments later, another officer appears to put his hand around Clement before throwing him to the ground. Clement says he was one of several people arrested that evening.

Officers at the scene say they were trying to get Clement's attention. Clement was charged with a misdemeanor count of entry or remaining after being forbidden and another misdemeanor count of disturbing the peace. A Baton Rouge judge ruled last November that Clement was not guilty of those charges.

With that criminal case now over, Clement's civil rights case against BRPD has the green light to move forward.


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