Trio arrested in alleged prostitution operation at massage parlor

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Three people have been arrested after authorities say they operated a prostitution operation from a Baton Rouge business.

According to police, beginning in Oct. 2016 detectives with the Baton Rouge City Police Narcotics Division began receiving complaints of human trafficking and prostitution from a business located in the 8700 block of Goodwood Blvd.

Police say, undercover detectives began frequenting the business, receiving massages during which the "therapist" frequently brushed against the detectives private areas throughout the massage. Shortly after, the "therapist" would offer "extra services" for additional money.

When asked about extra services, the "therapist" openly offered to manually stimulate the detective's genitals, according to authorities.

"Well we got information that there was a massage parlor, being disguised as a prostitute, ring" said Ljean McKneely with the Baton Rouge Police Department. "You'd go in, they start their massage and then from there they'd start the sexual act."

Officials say this was the typical method of operation on several other occasions.

After conducting surveillance and searching the property, three people were arrested on various prostitution related charges. Police say it's not unusual to see people use a business as cover up for dirty work.

"They feel that they can get away with it a lot easier but that's not true. Once we wind of that or find out that something like that is happening, our guys will start their investigation and try to shut them down," Mckneely said.

East Baton Rouge District Attorney, Hillar Moore said, "This is a problem, this is a problem in Baton Rouge, it's a problem all over. This is grounds for children taking into trafficking, we've seen that here, all over and we've been trying to fight the trafficking in Baton Rouge for some time."

"With one crime that happens, there's a possibility that others may follow, because those types of individuals are there and then they see an opportunity to take advantage of someone," Mckneely added.

Detectives identified the business owner as Daniel Yun, 28, of Baton Rouge.

According to authorities, on several dates, Yun was seen leaving his house, located at in the 3600 block of Merritt Ave., in a white GMC Yukon. Detectives noticed Yun would leave his residence and head directly to the Goodwood business, entering and exiting with towels and bags of unknown items.

On January 20, detectives set up surveillance during which multiple male patrons were seen frequenting the business.

Once inside, police located Bingchen Lin, 45, of San Jose, CA,  in the front of the business. Bingchen was immediately recognized by undercover detectives as the therapist that offered to engage in sexual services, according to officials.

After Bingchen was read her Miranda rights, she willingly admitted to providing the sexual services, according to authorities.

Bingchen then told police that Siang Lin, 42, of Baton Rouge, was "madam" of the business, and that she posted ads on She also said that Lin assisted in coordinating male patrons and collated money from the workers, according to authorities.

Detectives noticed Yun and Lin leaving his Merritt Anne residence, where both were detained in the 100 block of I-110, authorities said. After being advised of his rights, Yun signed a consent to search for his vehicle, according to authorities.

After searching the vehicle, detectives found $4,471 in US currency, with several bills being previously recorded for narcotics funds, authorities said.

Upon arrest, Lin openly admitted to detectives that posted the ads for massages and would also recruit "therapists" through an ad on the Chinese internet. Several cellphones were found in Siang's possession, which were directly connected to the Backpage ads.

During the search of the business, detectives also found 10 pills of Alprazolam, commonly known as Xanax, and over $400 in cash.

The trio was booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on booked on the following charges:

  • Daniel Yun - soliciting for prostitution, inciting prostitution, promotion of prostitution, pandering
  • Siang Lin - soliciting for prostitution, inciting prostitution, promotion of prostitution, pandering
  • Bingchen Lin - prostitution by massage, possession of schedule IV drugs

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