2017 crawfish season expected to be better than last year's

CENTRAL, LA (WAFB) - Sucking the heads and pinching the tails is what many south Louisianians count down to, and this year, crawfish season is starting well ahead of schedule.

Carlton's in Central started selling boiled crawfish about a month ago. They have their own farms in Dupont and Jonathan LeGrange said the catch so far this year has been superb. "Some of the fields we have right now, they don't start catching what they're catching until March and now they're catching that in January," said LeGrange.

LeGrange said typically in January, they only catch about 20 to 30 sacks per day at their farm. Now though, they're up to 80 sacks per day. Crawfish season usually gets going in March and peaks in May and June, sometimes lasting as late as August. This year though, they're already catching crawfish that are much bigger than normal.

"For this time of the year, no it's not normal, but like I said, it's just another sign it's going to be a good year," said LeGrange.

Some other good signs? He said all the rain has actually helped them to get the crawfish moving around which gets them in the traps. Cooler temperatures keep the crawfish from moving around, but that's not the case right now with temperatures at 70 plus degrees.

"The more rain we get and the weather changes like that, it just makes the crawfish molt and every time they molt, they move around a lot more. They grow every time they molt, so the catch tends to pick up after a weather change," said LeGrange.

With supply and demand, the higher the supply, the sooner the price can d rop for consumers. Right now, boiled crawfish averages around $4.99 per pound and for some, no matter the price, sometimes you just have to satisfy your craving.

"Well it looks like it's going to be bumper crop this year," said LeGrange.

Carlton's boiled crawfish price right now is $4.99 per pound, and they are selling them every day.

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