Residents displaced by Bon Carre fire concerned about housing

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Apartment managers at Bon Carre Court Apartments in Baton Rouge say 16 units are a complete loss following Monday night's fire. No one was injured, but many victims are now in dire need of shelter.

Mary Williams has two infant children. Her apartment wasn't severely damaged, but there's too much smoke and water damage for her to remain there.

"I'm definitely concerned," Williams said. "This was our home. Now we can't stay here no more. I don't know."

The Red Cross set up a temporary shelter for victims at a church just a few blocks down from the complex. They say around 75 people were displaced. About 40 are staying at the church while the rest are staying with friends and family. One woman staying at the church says she's grateful for the meals and medicine provided by the Red Cross, but she's concerned about a long-term solution.

"We don't know what we do from here," Lojuana Carminer said. "What's our next step? Are we gonna' get shelter or anything like that?"

Victims say they're worried that so many shelters have been occupied by flood victims, there won't be any places for them to stay. The Red Cross says it is working on a solution.

"We're speaking to some of our local partners and we're working with the landlord and we're trying to identify alternate housing options," said Red Cross spokesman, Greg Roques. "I'm told right now that we should have arrangements by Friday."

The cause of the fire is under investigation.


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