MLK day preview

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Civil rights activist, Mary Jetson, means a lot to the Baton Rouge community. She downplays her part in the civil rights movement.

"My husband was the one into politics so to speak," says Jetson.

Her role was not minor at a time when the community was separated. She says people were not given their proper rights, based on who they were or based upon the color of their skin.

Jetson walked the streets of Baton Rouge passing out flyers, making sure others knew their worth, which was an important part in uplifting the African American community.

"Enable them to realize that they had something to contribute to this country also. That being where they were, did not define who they could and would be," Jetson added.

As the wife of civil rights activist Lewis Jetson, and niece by marriage of Gus Young, Jetson found a place in the community.

"For one I'm a citizen, the second, I am a black American woman and the third is, I wanted to do everything i could do to support the good that was being done in the civil rights movement," Jetson said.

Jetson says despite the fight years ago, at times it seems like we've been pushed back.

"We have come to a certain point in terms of civil rights, but I get the feeling that in some areas that we're backing up in that we're not holding on," she says.

She offers a quick solution to those willing to accept the challenge.

Jetson says, "Consider...and this sounds very churchy, from whence we have come. Consider the fact that at one time we weren't allowed to do a whole lot of things that we are able to do now. Consider the fact that you look at the younger generation, we have to be an example for them, just like Martin Luther king was example for generations to come."

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