Two women of ‘Felony Lane Gang’ arrested for multiple theft, fraud charges

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Two women are behind bars after authorities say they were associated with a gang which allegedly steals women's purses from their cars and attempts to cash checks written to previous victims.

Deputies with the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office have in custody Tina Eggleston, 44, of Tallahassee, FL, and Erin Brown, 20, of Newport, TN, two alleged female members of the 'Felony Lane Gang.' Authorities say the gang is out of Florida and has been operating throughout the country and operating in the Baton Rouge area since at least Dec. 13, targeting the Jones Creek area.

They say the typical method of the group is to shatter windows of a vehicle parked in public lots such as churches, gyms, hotels, and public parks during daylight hours and steal women's purses.

According to authorities, a common method of the group was to write a check stolen from one victim to the name of another victim and attempt to cash the check using a stolen driver's license.

On Dec. 13, deputies responded to a bank fraud complaint by Regions Bank on Siegen Lane where they say Eggleston attempted to cash a stolen check for the amount of $1,400 written out to a female victim whose driver's license was reported stolen and used a number of times in the same way, authorities say. They say she was driving a white Buick Enclave and came through the drive through.

The check belonged to a female victim of a vehicle burglary at the BREC park on Burbank occurring on Nov. 20, where the victim said her front window was broken and her purse was stolen.

According to reports, Eggleston left the license, debit card, and check behind and left the scene

On Dec. 19, deputies responded to a vehicle burglary at the 11000 block of Perkins Road, where a female victim told them she went into a business for two minutes, leaving her car unlocked.

She told deputies she saw a black SUV pull next to her car and leave quickly. When she returned, her purse was stolen, containing her driver's license and checks at the Iberia Bank on Highland Road. Video obtained from the bank allegedly showed Eggleston in a black Jeep, with a stolen license plate, when she attempted to a cash the check using another license.

The teller kept the license and check used, which the license was reported stolen in a vehicle burglary in Lafayette.

From December 20 until January 10, deputies responded to three other vehicle burglaries happening in the same method in the Jones Creek area including incidents at Southern Oaks Athletic Club, Woodlawn Baptist Church, and the BREC park on Burbank. The license of  one of these victims was allegedly found on Eggleston at the time of her arrest.

On January 13, deputies were notified by Investar Bank that Eggleston and Brown, in a maroon Toyota Rav4, allegedly were attempting to cash a stolen check belonging to the BREC park victim.

Deputies spotted the Rav4 on Siegen Lane near I-10 when they saw Eggleston jumped to the rear and put a GA license plate on the rear window.

Deputies pulled them over and arrested Brown, who had active warrants from Jefferson Parish on similar charges, and Eggleston, who was allegedly found in possession of several grams of marijuana at the time of arrest.

According to authorities, Eggleston was shown on video cashing stolen checks taken in vehicle burglaries.

During the search of the vehicle, detectives located a wire transfer using a previous victim's information, as well as, a driver's license and information from another victim in the area.

Investar Bank told authorities victims incurred a loss of about $26,000 using the stolen driver's license.

Eggleston was charged with the following:

  • Bank fraud
  • Forgery
  • Simple burglary - 4 counts
  • Theft - 5 counts
  • Simple criminal damage to property - 2 counts
  • Illegal possession of stolen things
  • Possession of marijuana

Brown was charged with the following:

  • Bank fraud
  • Forgery
  • Simple burglary - 7 counts
  • Theft - 7 counts
  • Identity theft
  • Simple criminal damage to property - 2 counts
  • Illegal possession of stolen things

They are being held in East Baton Rouge Parish Prison.

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