Fournette or Elliott: NFL execs give their opinion

Fournette or Elliott: NFL execs give their opinion

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - If you were in charge of drafting a running back to build your offense around, would it be Leonard Fournette or Ezekiel Elliott?

NFL Analyst Daniel Jeremiah surveyed five NFL Executives and Fournette won 3 votes to 2.

"Fournette is faster and he can hold his speed longer than Elliott," one of the executives that voted for Fournette said. Another exec said, "You don't see guys with Fournette's size/speed combination very often. He's a rare, rare talent."

Fournette fought through a nagging ankle injury throughout the 2016 season, playing in only seven games. He was very productive in limited action, rushing for 843 yards, eight touchdowns and a 6.5 yard per carry average.

The talented running back left LSU as one of the all-time greats in the program, rushing for 3,380 yards, a 6.2 yard per carry average and 40 touchdowns.

In his rookie year with the Cowboys, Elliott has carried the ball 322 times for 1,631 yards (5.1 avg) and 15 touchdowns.

An executive who voted for Elliott could not pass up the Alabama comparison, saying, "Zeke is more versatile and would fit in any offense. Fournette is a stronger, more violent runner but there is more uncertainty with him, mainly pass protection. By the way, look at Zeke's numbers vs. Alabama and compare them to Fournette's."

Jeremiah concluded:
This is one of those debates that really comes down to what you're looking for in a player. I think everyone agrees Elliott is the more versatile player, while also agreeing Fournette has superior power/speed combination. If you want to really want to feature your running back in the passing game, I think Elliott makes more sense. However, if you are looking for a physical identity, Fournette is the perfect choice.

Bottom line is both running backs are regarded as "can't miss" draft picks and should have very productive NFL careers.

The NFL Draft is scheduled for April 27 and Fournette will know soon after it starts where he will get his chance to shine.

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